Friday, June 12, 2009

Fwd: FW: The Real Meaning of Words

Fwd: FW: The Real Meaning of Words

It's July and all through out it I'm making fun of the American culture. Why? Because I'm an unpatriotic piece of shit. I know. Either that or I just like mocking the hell out of the way people see ourselves, the nation and the situation we're in with foreign policy.

Anyone who has moronic family members (an redundant phrase) should be aware that they fill your inbox full of email forwards that they found amusing or have some sort of partially ignorant view on current affairs. Have it be only a slight understanding of the current war that is mainly limited to "SUPPORTING ARE TROOPS" to thinking they know how to end the budget situation that that no-birth-certificate-having-president-of-ours can't do.

So I'd like to share one forward that I came across to show how stupid these things are and that all of you who are sending them (all of America) should stop with them now. This is a great example of them.

Fwd: FW: The Real Meaning of Words











Best friends


"Life is not about waiting for the storms to's about learning how to dance in the rain."

And if I haven't shown that I'm an asshole, let me dissect this one picture.

For some reason I can't help but laugh at how absurd this picture is. I think it's either the colorful whats-it toward the back or the fact that she is grief-stricken enough to lay on a grave site and cry but still has the sense of mind to lay a jacket down so the grass doesn't stain her dress and have a bottle of water handy in case she gets a little parched. Speaking of the dress, it's hilariously terrible and isn't helping the matter. Also what the fuck is she doing? Who does that? What tv show does she think she's on?

Looking up this dead love of her life I found the following:
Jimmy Regan followed a calling to the military, becoming a U.S. Army Ranger and serving double tours of duty in both Afghanistan and Iraq, earning a Bronze Star, a Purple Heart and several other medals....Regan's stint in the Army was to end in February 2008, and he and McHugh planned to marry the next month. They were to move to the Chicago area, where her family lives, and he was going to become a social studies teacher and coach lacrosse
I dunno. Doesn't seem like he had all that much time for her anyway. Move on, home girl. Move on.

Oh yeah. I forgot one more.


I'm so going to hell...

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