Friday, June 5, 2009

A Picture That Needs 1000 Words: IX

A Picture That Needs 1000 Words: ??

You know the drill, I toss together a bunch of words for a silly picture. You laugh and get some insight on something insignificant and then carry on with your day while I add another padding to my blog count. Woooo hooo, One a day!

In any event, here's today. Journey into Space fun!

Oh the innocence of space back in the early days of space exploration. I guess the idea is sound, build a space elevator. Why not. I mean, it's not like there isn't a lot of things to do in space, right? Usually when you build a bridge or an easier method to get somewhere, you'd have something to actually do on the other side. Not in this case, no sir! You get up there and then what? You have no air, you're going to get hit by an asteroid and you'll more than likely face space invaders.

What's funny about this picture is that it's in Williamsburg, Virginia. I mean, I've visited there and there was nothing there. In fact, it had to deal with more coal mines than anything else. So I guess it's only fitting that a place booked up with poor economy and a bunch of elevators that go deep into the ground would be all for an elevator that goes to space.

But then you have to remember that it would not be good to build a space elevator that far up on the map. Don't you have to build an elevator into space at the equator? And who wants that? It's only the shitty countries that are on the equator and you'd soon be mugged before you ever get on the thing and press the top floor.

I'm not much of an elevator person either. Can we just make it a space escalator? That way I can stand but not have to move. I don't think I'd be up for walking up the stairs and in the event that the elevator breaks down, at least you can walk up the escalator steps like they were stairs to get back down.

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