Sunday, June 14, 2009

You Can't Cheat Death

You Can't Cheat Death

I saw this in the news a couple of days ago and it rings the title of this post true, You can't cheat death:
Woman who missed Flight 447 is killed in car crash

An Italian woman who arrived late for the Air France plane flight that crashed in the Atlantic last week has been killed in a car accident.

Johanna Ganthaler, a pensioner from Bolzano-Bozen province, had been on holiday in Brazil with her husband Kurt and missed Air France Flight 447 after turning up late at Rio de Janeiro airport on May 31.

All 228 people aboard lost their lives after the plane crashed into the Atlantic four hours into its flight to Paris.

The ANSA news agency reported that the couple had managed to pick up a flight from Rio the following day.

It said that Ms Ganthaler died when their car veered across a road in Kufstein, Austria, and swerved into an oncoming truck. Her husband was seriously injured.
Wow isn't it ironic
Don't you think
It's like ten thousand ones
When all you need is a five
Its like raaaaai-ay-iiiiiiiin
On your wedding day
It's a free riiiiiiiiiiide

Well, I guess it's more like that one movie. You know, the one where they miss a flight and then death comes stalking them one by one till they all die in a less cooler manner. I think that movie was called Homeward Bound.

No wait, it was Final Destination. There's a new sequel of it coming out soon and in it they highlighted a death that's caused by a rock flying out of a lawnmower. Seriously? You mean you could have died in a huge car pile up, a rollercoaster or a plane crashing and you escape death to die by a rock? Please give me the option to have a much cooler death.

Let's forget that again and move back to the cannuck. It's like that Alanis Morrisette song about unfortunate things happening. But then again, that's every Alanis Morrisette Song if you can hear it:

I don't know about you, but after hearing that I want to make it my final destination to never hear that again. I wonder how the other 500 people who died in car crashes today previously cheated death. It's almost as if death is inevitable.....................!!!!!!!!!!

I'm on the road today. Well, partially on the road. Let's see how far I make it. But the whole thing does make you wonder and question things. When it's your turn to go, it's your turn to go, right. We're all living on borrowed time.. or some poetic spill like that. Really, you die when you die. One wrong turn or slip in the shower and we can all be dead tomorrow. Though, to be honest, the news article about 1,00,000 slipping and dying in the shower on any given day is a pretty big news story, I must say.

As an aside, the final destination franchise taught us all that death will take any opportunity to make your demise an exercise in Rube Goldberg design. Given the level of detail, death has to be an aspie.

So while I'm on the road today on hundreds of miles I wonder to myself... Did I cheat death in any possible way during my time up here? Perhaps.. perhaps.. I know I've drank a lot. Don't even get me started on the amount of food I ate. There is a very possible chance that I cheated death and it may catch up to me on the 101 down to Los Angeles. If it does, please don't let them include it into Final Destination 5.

See you guys! Either on the other side or when I get back home.

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