Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Set-Up Man Moves On... Good Bye Ed McMahon

The Set-Up Man Moves On... Good Bye Ed McMahon

This morning Ed McMahon passed away at age 86. While he passed away around family at Ronald Reagan Hospital, it's still very sad that his last year or so was such hell for him and his family. Breaking his neck in a fall and going bankrupt, it wasn't a great year for him. So let's take a few moments to look back at Television history.

I guess the real trick now is that you see him at your door with a check for $10 million, just assume it's a ruse or that he's death trying to get in your door. In fact, his later years were filled with side gigs. The New York Lotto has been running these ads for a while now

Scary that there's two dead people in that ad now. But a bucks a buck, right? Even if it's trying to push shit like Cash4Gold:

That was one of those last minute rushes to save his ass from total financial meltdown. Hell, for a while there he was about to be bailed out by Donald Trump. Is there any less dignified way to go? Well, I'm sure you can ask David Carradine about that... Now that's not a way to go out. Choked to death while getting off tied up and stuff. Compared to Carradine, Ed went out like a man.

I do wonder if they'll bury in a hermetically sealed jar on Funk and Wagnall's front porch. But that's a joke that goes back to the old tonight show days. You youngin's may not get it.

But speaking of ways to get taken out.. I suppose dying bankrupt was a good thing. Hell, I'd rather die broke as all hell after making massively big bucks. That means he had it all and he blew it all on things that made him happy. Fuck the family fighting over my millions, I want to use it all before I go out! He took it all with him. Now that's dying his own way!

But I have to say Bye-ooooh to you, Ed. You're saying Hey-ooooooH to the angels right about now. Don't worry folks, there's gold toilets and night shows galore where he's going off to.... and no creditors, no creditors at all...

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