Friday, June 12, 2009

Digital Conversion

Digital Conversion

If you can read this, you did not get a digital converter box for your computer monitor. Oh, what? You thought it was only for your tv? I'm sorry buddy, but all you get is this mocking body of text as well as a lot of images of static. It seems that you were not prepared for the digital conversion that all the media outlets have been warning you about for the last year or so.

In fact, I think this digital conversion is long over due. I mean, how long have I've been hearing about this shit? I recall back in about 2001 at NAB that everyone was going on and on about how we were going to be fully converted and the government would mandate the switchover. They would say that there was no way they could get everyone converted in time for 2006. Here we are in 2009 and they finally did it. Way to go technology.

It's funny that the television signals that we broadcast decades ago are still flying through the solar system. passing Pluto right now is some I Love Lucy episodes from back in the day. I guess if any alien life form has a dish they can pick up what we were watching a decade ago. Our analog signals are polluting the sky and will forever be floating around. But not anymore. We're going green. Our carbon footprint will no longer be a huge mass of stupid reality tv shows. Well, I guess it still will be. Just not as intrusive.

So why change over? Well, first of all, the digital signal can handle a lot more message/signals per bandwidth. So that means instead of a single channel 4, you can have about 9 signals in one broadcast signal. So you'll have 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.5 and so on all be their own channels providing different content. Pretty snazzy.

More importantly there is only so much bandwidth to go around. So using digital compacts the size of that signal down so that we can free up room for someone else to use it. The old signal that we used to use for broadcast signals are now going to go towards emergency channels and the like of that. So while you wont be able to pick up a television station through them, with the proper use of wires and tools, you'll be able to use them as a form of entertainment.

Now the real question is why aren't you ready for the switch over? This has been in the media for the last year or so in how they've been pimping it. They even pushed it back from the Feb. date because they said 6 million people weren't ready. Now the number is down to about 2-3 million people not being ready.

Did you guys not realize you can get a digital converter box for free at target by simply going to target with a government coupon? You know what. You people don't deserve to get tv. I mean, shit. If you have cable you don't even need one. So this only really effects those people to poor to have cable. And frankly, if you don't have cable, you're not missing much. Well, you're missing The Tonight Show with Conan, which I must say, is god damn funny beyond all belief.

Still, you should be left out in the dark. Way to not think ahead. Hope you enjoy your VHS tapes since you can't get a signal. Yeah, I said it. You more than likely don't even have a DVD player either. Maybe you're stuck on beta max. Then again, if you don't have any of that shit, you're more than likely not computer equiped and how else are you going to be reading this to begin with? You might as well be looking at static.

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