Friday, January 29, 2010

Conan The Destroyer II: Fuck You Leno

Conan The Destroyer II: Fuck You Leno

Now that Conan is off the air till September, all I have here to watch is old Conan clips. Which are great in themselves. I mean, how could you not like how Conan did the celebrity secrets.. Oh what Harrison Ford has to spill.

But in any event, in a very lite centric mood to write, here's another crack at Conan providing content for the blog. Enjoy a second batch of classic Conan clips till NBC takes them off Youtube..

Conan is a pretty smart fella. I mean, just look at his moment of clarity

New iPhone app with a certain new Office actress

Did you know that he could rock out?

The more you know

Andy even jumped in on this

Shut your trap and do what you're told.

But really, the king of the nbc "more you know" logo was Max

Deal with it!

Hookers are indeed people also.

Conan goes to bartending school

Conan Babies

The interrupter

Conan at FAO for Christmas shopping

Famous Helping People!

Guest who will never be asked on the show again

Then you have some wacky tv stations. I love the Sean Connery channel

It's only a shame that the masturbating bear never got to finish

And what clip show would not include the visits with Martha Stewart.

So what does this mean? Simple. NBC has some trouble

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