Friday, January 8, 2010

Not A New Years Resolutions

Not A New Years Resolutions

Well, first off, I don't do new years resolutions because the average person breaks them within a couple of days of making them. They're as smart as being a cop two days from retirement on a stake out... let's face it, that cop is about to die.

Most of all, they're not really resolutions. In that, they are attempts to resolve or correct a problem you feel you have, but they aren't the result of anything but wishful thinking. If anything they should change it from resolution to hopeful thinking. So I don't bother with them at all.

I generally think they're a lot like diets, it may work for the short term, but if you're not going to change the way you eat forever or your personal lifestyle, then you're really not going to get anything changed. Much like any real diet, it's more of a lifestyle change that effects the over all entirely of it. Last year I made a goal to write a blog post a day. 365 days later I finished a little over 500 blog post. See, that's a result. I think it's important for young people to set goals and then work towards them.

It's a good thing she wrote all that down or else she might forget whose dick she wants to suck.

This year, like any year, I'm just making goals for myself. While I may come short on one or two of them, I think that the overall outcome will be that a lot of them will actually be filled and I will change for this new year. I mean, it can't get anything but better, right? I started it with a destroyed car, a building that needs major reconstruction and a couple more pounds on me than I'm comfortable with.

So these are going to be my new year goals to change or to achieve. Because not everything is about changing every flaw about yourself, you do realize that is what makes you special.. what makes you, you.

-Do that whole Good Eats for a year thing I wrote about already
This automatically means I'll be cooking more

-Branch out my writing to various other sites and finally get more attention on it

-Go to Chicago
Deep Dish Pizza
Hawt Dog
Smoked Fish

- Go To New Orleans
Get Coffee there
Eat a lot of Oysters
Drink a Torando -Get completely drunk
Drive through Texas - Eat at The Salt Lick and buy shot glass from Buc-ee's

-Go to New York
Eat at an Appetizing/Deli for Lox
explore Old New York
eat at Papaya King
catch a show on Broadway

-Austria in December
see the Krampus Day celebration

-Get a new car.
It's a surprising fact that over 1,100 DUI arrest were made from Christmas Eve through the end of Sunday the 4th. In Los Angeles county alone there was 251 arrest, which makes up 23% of those state wide stats. Sadly, the person who plowed right into my car was not one of those who was caught BEFORE they had a chance of crashing. So this is why I need to get a new car.

So there you have it. That's my not-so-resolution-resolution for the upcoming year. It's a little funny though. I'm more set on doing things like planning trips and bettering myself at age 30 when I should have been doing this stuff at age 20. I guess the old lyric is true.. I wish that I knew what I know now, when I was younger. I have a lot more clear in my mind on my goals and my upcoming two years than I ever knew of anything in my past.

I may have started this year off really bad with a series of unfortunate events happening to me, but that by no means makes me think that the rest of the year, as well as the next one or two years I have mapped out in my mind are going to be anywhere near as bad.

I'm feeling very positive about the years ahead.

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