Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What Are You Cleaning With?

What Are You Cleaning With?

With the new year brings a new concept on your daily life. That's the whole purpose of your new years resolutions.. even if they're broken in a matter of a days after the clock hits midnight. So perhaps this is a chance you can take to think of what products you're using

So, do you know what you're cleaning with?

This leads to more questions about what you are putting around you and in you. The other night I was watching TV with the gal and some Animal Planet show came on while I was getting the nog and it was about an outbreak of a parasite that was released in the drinking water of Michigan. It's just a matter of the luck of the draw when you turn on that faucet.

Then again, if you really think about it, taking that risk when you drink your water may be worth it unless you enjoy destroying the planet for the sake of your drinking safety in the form of Bottled water. Don't believe me? Take a look at this following image...

Bottled water is one of those things you really shouldn't trust. It is scary to think that there's parasites potentially in your drinking water. You are in Southern California.. which does have some of the best tasting water around if your pipes aren't totally rusted from not being replaced since the late 1920's.

If you want to take the safer route, just buy a Brita tap filter and an Aluminum water bottle. Those two purchases are the smartest buys you can possibly do. Taps may be for saps, but the bottled water you are paying for at the store is also just as likely to be from the tap or the same source itself.

The short of it is you should be more aware of where your fluids are coming from. Between water to cleaning chemicals, just try to be more open to thinking what goes on the floors, shower head and in your mouth when it comes to filling the thirst and craving of staying clean.

Or you could just let little creepy scrubbing bubbles watch you shower.

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