Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hey.. Wait a Minute!

Hey.. Wait a Minute!

Tell me if you're annoyed by these two inspirational images..

Did you catch the problem? Well if you didn't, then you're probably not a nerd. Way to have a social life and the ability to get out into the sun every now and then.

For the rest of you, I heard that a lot of nerdy folks were getting annoyed that their girlfriends had no idea what was wrong with this image. Well, it's simple, you're just getting your panties in a bunch. Well, who knows. I mean, I find it fucking funny.

Yes, it's three different elements that are all wrong in the image. But it does got to show you that at least one aspect of modern society could remain in the minds of someone and presented in such a manner could very well click as correct if you're not really paying attention.

Or maybe I'm just laughing because there's people who actually get annoyed at this.

We could all laugh at how silly it is. Just like this following clip...

See, now that's funny!

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