Sunday, January 24, 2010

Colorful Batman

Colorful Batman

One of my Holiday gifts that I just realized I received was a Batman coloring book. Now, I haven't drawn in a coloring book for many years now but the fact that I had one in the back seat of my old and now dead car that was a Justice League of America one showed that the guy was paying attention to the fact that I like horrible gifts like this.

I finally got around to flipping through it and let me tell you, I was utterly amazed by the thing. Rather than letting this treasure collect dust in the back seat of my future car, I figured that it needs to be shared with everyone.

With a head that back, It's no wonder that he solves crimes with ease.

It's the "Official Movie BOOK to COLOR" the Dark Knight. This has to be awesome!

Now these pictures are for the most part in the order they were in the book

Remember in TDK when Scare Crow scared the shit out of kids at the park? On second thought the kid actually looks kinda constipated.

Things have gotten tough for Mr. Crane. Guess he's back to selling himself on the corner.

Minding your own business in Gotham? NOT ON BATMAN'S WATCH!

I wonder what would happen if this was real life and someone jumped in front of a car like that;

Yup.. Batman's dead.

Batman made that poor guy cry. Jerk.

Heeeello Ladies

Grandma is terrified of the Bats

After a long night fighting crime, Bruce Wayne gets patched up by his... banker?

This is only proof that kids are kinda slow nowadays.

Let me give it a shot

The puzzles were pretty challenging

Who let a lady in a courtroom?

This was my favorite part of the movie

Rachel: "Uhm, Bruce?"
Gordon: "God dammit batman"

His eyes are on the prize

I want that picture on my wall too

So Wayne Manor has a door that goes to the moon?

This has been a real learning experience for the Joker

Looks like the cat is going to put up a fight.

I'm not even sure what can be said about this puzzle. I mean, how could it even be considered a puzzle?

Clearly batman needs to learn more about the Law.. the Gotham L.A.W and Order.

So there you go. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I have. God damn, Batman. What happened to your franchise?

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