Sunday, January 3, 2010

Glee - In Real Life

Glee - In Real Life

Glee is one of those Fox shows that, even if you have Time Warner Cable, you'll still be able to watch since Time Warner and Fox settled their dispute. Besides that, it's one of those shows that has that soap opera feel but has the musical element that will make you feel not-so-gay if you happen to watch it with your girlfriend.

It seems that it has received such popularity that MTV is already trying to cash in on the fame, especially with the Real Life Glee

And if you're reading this, chances are you enjoyed or at least one episode of Glee. And as much as the show is entertaining with catchy music and characters you can cheer for, the problem seems to be, at least in MTV's mind, that it's not authentic. It's all an act, meant to entertain the viewer, of course.

So this MTV show is a prime example on how they saw the idea behind Glee, and decided to take it, and find the real story. The result: A TV show featuring real high school students, really performing and truly living to perform... And this will air on January 2nd at 6pm on MTV... and since they have no music videos to show, I'm pretty sure they'll show it at least a hundred times more during the week.

I guess the real appeal to this MTV show is that now with Glee on a winter break, they're trying to sucker in the viewers to watching this to get their Choir fix some place, because that's all Glee really is. This show aims to display the choir aspect of Glee without the scripting. But let's be real, I'm one to never trust MTV when it comes to "reality" shows.

An interesting aspect of the show is that it's part of MTV's "Made" program. It documents the lives of the members of the central sound, a show choir group based in Indianapolis. It includes scenes of rehearsals, performances, and what show choir members do in the time they're not with the choir.

I'm just wondering which one is the would-be-hot-except-for-the-huge-jew-nose character. because without that star talent on te show, you have nothing. So maybe if you're interested in hearing high schooler's sing Lady Gaga when they're not in the shower and out in public, this show may be for you.

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