Monday, January 11, 2010

How A Show Reached 100 Episodes

How A Show Reached 100 Episodes

The year is 2030

Kids, tonight, I'm going to tell you a very special story.

The one where you met mom?

Yeah, the one that's indicated by the title of the story?

Maybe, but this story is important for another reason. Tonight is the 100th story I've told you.

Only 100?

I know, it feels like a thousand.

Yeah, a pretty big milestone, huh kids?

I guess. Are you going to wrap up any time soon?

I don't know, kids, I've got a lot of other great stories to tell you about. Remember there's another slap coming, and the rest of our doppelgangers.

And you have to tell us how you met mom.

Oh right, that. Yeah, I'll get there. But tonight, I'll tell you about which Barney loved more, girls or suits, in a story I'm calling "Girls vs. Suits".

100th Episode of a show that at one point early on in the show's history, Helped light the sound stage. There has been many shows that I've had the pleasure of working on, this one was a neat one. Congrats!

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