Wednesday, January 13, 2010

That's Racist!

That's Racist!

Fried Chicken is one of those meals that.. well.. yeah, it's typically attached to some stereotype about black people. Oh man, how much they must love that chicken, right? It looks like Australia is going and one upping the stakes a little as they just came out with this ad for KFC down under....

First thought to cross my mind?

Hmmm. Maybe the two teams are well known rivals and the dude is in an awkward situation because he's at their game and his team is losing? I can't even tell what the fuck he is saying at first because the Australian accent, much like the Australian nation, is fucking trash. And can I just say this now - Vegemite is an affront to god. Marmite on the other hand.. rules.

So... what's the reaction to this? Well, let's turn to Youtube for a reaction;

I wonder if it was a black man holding up KFC to a white crowd if the liberal PC police would be making a fuss about it. I'm not entirely sure. Maybe if KFC had real fries, more white people would eat there often. I can't stand their fries. Let alone their chicken. Who even considers that chicken? Maybe I am racist because I really can't stand fried chicken. When I grew up I only ate Pioneer chicken and even then, I would generally only eat the skin. Chicken is one of those foods that I find entirely too boring in flavor.

It has nothing to do with racism, I just don't like fried chicken. You really have to sell me on Chicken in general though. Much like in Australia you have to sell them on the idea that they're being racist. Look at this classic take on the black face..

I'm not going to try to defend them. I mean, let's just face the facts. Australia doesn't have a long history of institutionalized racism like the US. So things like this doesn't really bother them. Besides, you can't really say much about them when you look at the Koreans and their take on fried chicken....

I mean, let's not blame them... Is it even possible to make a non-racist KFC commercial? It would go something along the lines of this:

(blank screen)

Computer generated voice: We sell chicken that is fried.

(25 seconds of silence)

Fried chicken sells itself, really. I suppose you can add in "We have fried chicken. It is delicious. If you like fried chicken then come here. If you don't like fried chicken, go somewhere else. There, that's all you really need.

If you think that's racist, You haven't seen sit. I mean. The Japanese take the whole "Black people look like Monkey's" thing to a new level with this ad;

It's a Japanese ad for EMOILE and it's an extremely racist commercial that depicts Obama as a monkey. Then again, I don't think anything can top this gem in terms of racism...

What the fuck was that even advertising for?

In short. All these ads can have one thing said about them...

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