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30 Dates Of Nights: 5 Rocky Sushi

30 Dates Of Nights: 5 Rocky Sushi

It's been a bit of time since I last did this whole 30 dates of nights segment. Why? Well, it was around Valentine's day that I stopped and I did so for a reason. I didn't want any of you hacks copying my shit for a cheap valentine's day trip. That's a hallmark holiday and I'll be damned if you'll be getting laid because of my hard work. Hell, I'm more than likely not getting laid with my own ideas (that's what my boyish good looks come in handy for..)

So here we are about a month later. You've more than likely been dumped because I wasn't around to show you these dates you could apply for your situation and the original article only covered 8 dates under $25. Way to go L.A. Times. So I'm back to help you. Yes. I'll try to do these as regular as I can but my plate is already filled with other articles to bitch about.

Today we'll focus on a place that is something out of a dream. Mainly because it's typically in every dream sequence that is filmed for Television.

Vasquez Rocks and Sushi Belts

Vasquez Rocks is a place that you have see but more than likely have never had any intention on going to. It has been in many shows. Most famous from the Original Star Trek TV show episode called ARENA. It's were Captain Kirk faught that lizard creature. For those non-nerds in the crowd, it was shown in films like Bill and Ted's Bogus journey where the robot-selves killed them and Alpha Dogs they had some random shooting.

The rock structure is simply amazing to look at and I have lost count on how many times a TV show I was working on didn't decide to film around or near this area. Much the same on how the studios use Pasadena when they want to have their production look like it's set in the mid east, if you want to have a Texas or Colorado look to your shot in your film, come out here.

Generally people don't go up the 14 highway, let alone know that there even exist such a highway in Los Angeles. So this is an often overlooked area in the Santa Clarita Valley anyway. The County government made it a natural area park in the 70's and I'm sure they were high on drugs.

What makes this place special? Well, I would say that the view of the sunset here is really pretty. For the amount you're paying for such a view of a desert landscape without actually having to be in death valley, it's worth it in itself. Since the sun goes down over a large amount of rocks in the distance, you'll get a very interest effect. Now that you have a later sunset with daylight saving time, you'll be able to enjoy it.

This is also a really easy climb to the top that would be easy for anyone. So if your date isn't much for outdoor adventure, they'll still be able to enjoy themselves without getting hurt. Key note though, don't come here when you have to go to the restroom. I don't ever recall their being one and you're about 20 minutes away from society that isn't some ranch. Such need of restroom use may not have the same effect of the view to be had here.

Even if it's not on a date, this is a hot spot that you'll be a fool to not catch up and come see. It's nature at its finest. And while I know that sounds completely hippie of me to say, it's still remains to be true.

Sushi On The Belt

After a short time at Vasquez Rocks, it's always nice to get some food in you. While I'm going to do Sushi for this situation, I'd advise that you can easily replace this with any one of the many great places that look appealing near Vasquez rocks. But for the time being, let's talk raw fish.

While the idea of raw fish moving around on a conveyor belt may sound fishy, it's still pretty tasty. Not to mention it's very much affordable for what you get. While I'm sure that the Santa Clarita area isn't the prime real estate isn't the best for sushi, I have not gone wrong when going to Yamato in Stevenson Ranch.

It's not that far away from the rocks and you can come in, ask for a beer and be left completely alone as the food of your choice just rolls in front of you. I sort of like this idea. It's sort of the best of both worls when it comes to eating sushi. If you're faced directly at the sushi chef you're more than likely going to feel like you need to order something as soon as you finish the previous one. Why wouldn't you, you have your chef right in front of you.

But with this belt method of sushi you can help yourself to whatever you want to eat on the options on the belt coming by and if you feel like you're not getting what you need on the belt, you can always request it from the sushi chef. No servers coming at you every few seconds. It's sushi eating at your pace and I love it.

Add in that your sushi pieces come two at a time on plates and rolls are on a smaller size so you can taste and sample a little bit of everything very easily. The price tag on the sushi itself is not going to set you back all that much also. Each plate is marked for whatever price point. So if you don't want to spend too much you simply need to limit yourself on how many plates you eat. But by all means you can get really filled on very little here. Try something new and try something different that you may not know the name of or have any fear that you'll say it completely wrong to the sushi chef and make a fool out of yourself.

The Alternative:

Driving away from Vasquez rocks on Devonport and onto Sierra Highway there was at least three or four very interesting looking hole in the wall joints. Ranging from BBQ places to Steak houses. These are the very definition of hole in the wall little mom and pop places. You wont see any chians of these any time soon. More than likely the owners will simply pass the place down to their children and their children. Simply put, they don't want to expand as they are happy with the place they are and that's perfectly fine with me.

I have it in the back of my mind to try these the next time I'm over there as they really looked to be the salt of the earth type of places. Somewhere you'll see the owner know the regulars name and their dish the moment they walk in the door. That or they'll have that relaxing steak house feel you may get going up to Santa Barbara. So that's a perfectly good alternative to the raw fish.

And there you have it. A day outing tip for you. Perhaps you'll use it to spend some time with that special someone. Perhaps you'll just ignore this and make fun of me for the Wonder Woman blog I wrote for tonight. If so, Fuck you!

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