Monday, March 30, 2009

All The President's Women

All The President's Women

They say that behind every good man there's a better woman. I'm not sure if that's reverse sexism or not but I'll just roll with it. I mean, clearly Obama has a good right hand with Michelle, like every other President before him to keep them the man they are. But with that whole First Lady duty comes a lot of responsibilities. Being President of the free nation of ours is a stressful job. What if they aren't up for the task?

Well, it's nothing new. Through the course of time there has been the commander in chef that has looked elsewhere to get a little executive orders done. The faces and scandals behind them are known and history has indeed become the judge of their actions. Then again, we've more or less forgot all about them while we look for our new leader to screw up somehow.

So it's my honor to bring you this link and several images of all the Presidents Floozies. by artist Annie Kevans

Sally Cary Fairfax - Washington

Venus - Washington Doing slave girls like its 1799

Sally Hemings - Jefferson The Original Playa

Maria Cosway - Jefferson

Ellen Randolph - Van Buren
Has that Goth thing going. Very Noooice!

William Rufus DeVane King - Buchanan
Don't ask, Don't tell.

Lucia Gilbert Calhoun - Garfield

Maria Halpin - Grover Cleveland

Mary Allen Hulbert Peck - Wilson

Carrie Phillips - Warren G Harding

Nan Britton - Warren G Harding

Lucy Page Mercer - FDR Dorothy

Schiff - FDR

Princess Martha of Norway - FDR
Not bad for a cripple!

Kay Summersby - Eisenhower

Judith Exner - JFK The biggest Mack Daddy-in-Chief of them all!

Pam Turnure - JFK

Blaze Starr - JFK

Marilyn Monroe - JFK
Oh yeah you know he hit that

Ellen Romesch - JFK

Gunilla Von Post - JFK

Jill Cowan (Faddle)- JFK

Mariella Novotny - JFK

Priscilla Wear (Fiddle) - JFK

Annie Blanche Banks (Tempest Storm) - JFK

Leslie Devereaux - JFK
This fucking guy, seriously. You sure it wasn't an angry husband on the grassy hill?

Madeleine Brown - LBJ

Alice Glass - LBJ

Paula Jones - Bill Clinton

Monica Lewinsky - Bill Clinton
Somehow I'm in the mood for a cigar...

So while Bill Clinton may have been a major playa, all you playa haters out there can focus your attention on the first Playa

Yeah, that's right. You wont say anything bad about this guy cause, well, he didn't have it all that good. Let's see you get through the Cuban missile crisis without a staff of women on the side. Jackie O was hottie but we're talking about an all out doomsday situation.

In any case, Great work Annie. Your images are simple and yet very distinct.

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