Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Badass Wednesday

Bad Ass Wednesday

While I don't condone the actions in this particular blog, I can't NOT say that it's a complete bad ass move. Oh yes, this isn't a regular segment. Wednesdays are already comic day and I ain't got time for this shit, yo! I got comics to read! Or at least attempt to spend time wit my lady, yo! In any case, I bring you.....


If you think Hot dogs are the only thing to come out of Illinois but you'll be wrong. Some major bad asses have come out of there.

I like how he just has that butt in his mouth like "gonna get my smoke on while I'm kickin' ass"

The cigarette really make it look bad ass. He would look mostly like a crazy person if it wasn't for that

He even closed the car door like a fucking gentleman. why did he do it? Because he was bad ass.

Ok, well he also robbed a bunch of check cashing places and the cops didn't like that. Then again he was robbing the parasitic scum known as check cashing stores so he could be considered a hero. A modern day robin hood. Well, without the whole giving to the poor.

I recall talking to some random guy at a bar and he mentioned something about getting his paycheck. It totally blew my mind when I realized he was talking about an actual physical thing and not just figuratively. What sort of job in the US will not do direct-deposit? I guess the nicer or more white-collar the job, the more likely it is they'll have direct deposit. And using a check to pay for something seems to me to be the least convenient way possible. Is there a reason you're still using these things?

So he knocked over a check cashing place. Those places are a shit hole that more than likely deserved it. This is a bad guy for the new generation. This is the sort of bad ass shit you'd expect from the bad guys in this bad economic situation. This action wasn't in some shitty bordering state, Indiana or Missouri wishes they had bad guys like this.

RIP Robert Sylvester

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