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Don't Ask, Don't Kiss And Tell

Don't Ask, Don't Kiss And Tell

I have to wonder what's the point of that army saying if
Over the last eight years we've seen the need for a big armed force since... well, we've been fighting the front of not only the war on drugs but the war on terrorism. If you ask me, we'd need as many troops as possible. So it still bothers me that we have don't ask/don't tell in effect.

I think we shouldn't be rejecting anyone who's dumb enough to joined the armed forces. Seriously, it's the biggest case of beggers being choosers. Stop it.

This case of a gay military forced member being out on their ass just annoys me.
Amy Brian found out this past November just what the military's "don't ask-don't tell" policy means.

No one in the military asked her if she was gay during her nine years in the Kansas Army National Guard. And she didn't tell anybody in the military she was gay.

"I'd never really tried to hide my homosexuality to the close people I worked with," she said. "And they didn't really seem to care or think any different of it."

But in August 2008, a Kansas Army National Guard lieutenant informed Brian she was being investigated for homosexual conduct after a female civilian co-worker at the U.S. Property and Fiscal Office said she had seen Brian kissing a woman in the checkout line at a Wal-Mart store.

From the moment the co-worker made her statement, Brian's performance record and the sacrifices she had made to serve her country in Iraq no longer mattered.

Brian is the first gay person to be "separated" — or discharged — from the Kansas Army National Guard based on the "don't ask-don't tell" policy.

She joins nearly 12,500 other lesbian, gay and bisexual service members who have been discharged by the Pentagon from 1994 through 2007.
Brian received a "general under honorable conditions" discharge, Watson said. As a result, she lost all of her benefits, including educational assistance and discounts.
Let's see what the residents of Kansas have to say about this.
get over it : 2/9/2009
My father is in the army and i know alot of the policy. there is a dont ask dont tell policy so there for she knew what her life style could get her. i do not have a problem with your being gay. But rules are rules and thats the government! i must say yes it isnt far that the gov. dicharges these ppl. but you must remember it was founded on rules from a while ago and if we changed every little rule to accomidate every last person our country would be in chaos....im not asking for an argument i am merley leaving my opinion. i do not mean to offend. thank you
Military Daughter
Fine Print : 2/10/2009
Amy knew that the Army had a policy on "alternative lifestyle's" before she joined. She knew that there would be a consequence if she were to be found out. I guess should not have been kissing some girl in Wal Mart. We all know that nobody goes to Wal Mart.
Roll back prices
I hope all minority demographics are barred from the army until it no longer is capable of anything and the US is invaded by Japan.

Let me get this straight. She wasn't asked, and she didn't tell yet she lost her job. How does this policy work?? Oh yeah, I guess it works out simply that you just have to stop being gay. From what I can tell this is an explicit violation of the policy. The tattle tale behavior seems so stupid. I mean you aren't supposed to talk about it right? How bad is the world when you're convicted for Kissing. Then again, she was in a Wal-Mart in Kansas. She broke cover in a hostile environment. If this were lesbian war she would have been fragged.

Which brings up a new question. Why would you be in a Wal-Mart, let alone kiss in one anyway? Is Wal-Mart in any way erotic?

Slicing more than prices - Military careers as well!

I thought lesbians were suppose to be well read and all lipstick like. Parents never bat their eyes when they're told their daughter is gay. The biggest concern there is that your daughter will be well read and politically active. On the flip side if your son is gay then it's all the matter on if they're the pitcher or the catcher and what sort of STDs and other such things they'll get. Such a double standard. So I have to ask why you would join the army if you were gay anyway. It's filled with fundamentalist sociopaths.

I guess it's for the butch lesbians. Maybe don't ask/don't tell is still in place because the people who care about gay rights fucking hate the military and couldn't be fucked campaigning to help people join it.

With how badly recruiting has gone in the US, most everyone in the services look the other way (well, more so than usual, standard operating procedure for the navy basically). But no, this is Kansas. Fucking kansas

Kansas is without question the worst state in the union and the only reason places like Ohio or Florida get more attention is because of how secluded and mistrustful of outsiders it is.

So the question remains that if this Don't Ask/Don't Tell bullshit is long since in need of removing, why haven't we?

Gary L. Bauer, President of American Values:
Allowing open homosexuals in the military will hurt moral

No, it is not time to repeal “don’t ask, don’t tell.” The research overwhelmingly shows that allowing open homosexuals in the military will hurt moral and unit cohesion, and negatively impact retention rates in the military.

Bradley A. Blakeman, Republican strategist, consultant, entrepreneur:
Listen to the leadership; then decide

The military operate under different rules and standards than civilians. In a all volunteer military people accept those rules of their own will. Having said that, like all policies that affect the good and welfare of those who serve, they should be reviewed from time to time. If the President deems a review be made, so be it. I hope he listens to the military leadership and their recommendations and not make the wrong decision due to political pressure or "correctness". Clinton tried this in his first 100 days too.
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John Hostettler, Former Republican member of House:
“Gays” in the military? Really?

With the storm of controversy swirling around the withdrawal of “Chas” Freeman from the nomination to chair President Obama’s National Intelligence Council less than 24 hours ago, we’re talking about “gays” in the military? By the way, most military leaders and observers will tell you that there are hundreds if not thousands of “gays” and lesbians “openly serving in the military” today, just like every other member of the military “openly” serves in the military. And they all will continue to serve “openly” without incident. The issue is: Should openly “gay” or lesbian personnel be allowed to continue to serve given their “open” lifestyle and its impact on unit cohesion? My response to THAT question is “no.”
he cant possibly do it now, even though it polls 81-17 in favor. wait!
Ross Baker, Political scientist, Rutgers:
A worthy goal best left for the second Obama term.

To load the end of don't ask, don't tell on top of the TARP, stimulus, Omnibus and health care reform, not to mention card-check, will break the ban politically. If Obama succeeds in getting the economy set right in four years, he can tackle the explosive social issues in the second term.
The more restrictions on who can join the military the better since it reduces the potential pool for Soldiers to be used. Seriously, people who judge other people based on their sexuality are fucking fags.

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