Sunday, March 1, 2009

Jesus H Christ!

Jesus H Christ!

It's Sunday. Today the make believe god took the day to rest. Me? Not even. This is two of three blogs for the day. Now it's come to my attention that I do not know what exactly the H in Jesus H. Christ means. You know, when someone curses his blessed of all names. It's a question. So here's some of my thoughts on the matter.

Could it be Hubert? That's a nice H middle name.

The Republican party would like you to believe it's Hannity. It's not.

Harold - I'm not fuckin' lying.
Lots of people think that the our father says "harold be thy name"

Perhaps it's Nothing. Nothing at all because Jesus wasn't real. Oh what the hell. Most historians would agree that Jesus was indeed real. But as for being our lord and savior? The jury is still hung about that.

The real Jesus... please stand up

Herschel sounds like a nice Jewish name.

Jesus HUSSEIN Christ: muslim anti-christ messiah

Herbert walker yup, that's right. Now you're re-thinking how bad the last eight years was.

Hong. Jesus Hong. Dude was Chinese.

You don't fuck with this Jesus!

Howie. Jesus Howie Christ

In all truths, the CH made the simple H sound. So it was more along the lines of "Jesus H? Christ"

Jesus Hoogies and Grinders Christ - Only the grinders got taken out of the bible because it was too sexual.

But all these thoughts don't explain what the Q in John Q Public stands for. I'm guessing it's "Queer", all those time they were only talking about anonymous homosexuals

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