Friday, March 27, 2009

Who Watches The Watchmen Babe?

Who Watches The Watchmen Babe?

Ok.. this one will be the last one, I swear... That is till the DVD release and then I'll go on and on about it once again. Over in Watchmen news let's get to the hot stuff.. You know, that Nite-Owl and Silk Spectre love action...

Alright, that may have been a bit too cutesy. Now we'll move on to something more R-rated since it was the way that the film was intended to be seen. It seems that Malin Akerman to show up on the pages of Maxim

Malin Akerman is the coolest thing to come out of Sweden since IKEA.

The sexy Watchmen star graces the April cover of Maxim, and got a sneak peek at her sexy spread and hilarious interview.

Akerman, 30, who plays skin-tight costumed fighter Silk Spectre II in the hotly anticipated film, which opens across the country today, sounds off on everything from peeing on Ben Stiller, her secret criminal past, and how her Watchmen costume made her feel.

"I thought it was really f***ing hot [at first]," she tells the magazine. "Then I tried it on, and I thought it was really f***ing uncomfortable. And the smell? When you take it off, it smells like a human condom."

As for the film: "It's cool because only one of us has special powers. It appeals to everyone, whether you're a male, female, chimpanzee, or dwarf."

But if you end up a fan, and you see Akerman on the street, a word of advice. "Just say hello," she advises. "Don't grab my butt."

The April issue of Maxim hit stands March 17.

Ah, April. My month. Well, it's a shared month. I mean, I don't own it or anything but there's a lot of things that happen in April that I'm pretty happy and looking forward to. It's the fourth month in a series of twelve and I enjoy it more so than the others.

While I don't think Maxim is worth much of a damn as a magazine. The articles are just a few steps above what you'll see asked on Spike TV's MANswers but at least the desensitization of the human body in these sorts of shots has been helpful in hitting Playboy where it counts causing that empire to crack away.

Think about how shitty playboy is. Call me a nancy boy or something, but I never found much appeal in playboy magazine. My only memories of it was seeing issues of fashion and hair styles that I do not want to think about anymore and then it jumped to a huge other aspect where it was nothing but massive airbrushing and the idea that -well, that's not sexy at all. Besides all that, if I see one more playboy bunny tattoo, gold chain or anything related to the Playboy lifestyle I will beat someone up.

That's my rant against Playboy magazine. Back to Maxim -I have had a subscription to this magazine for as long as I could remember. I don't recall even flipping through most of them. The subscription was free and I think it runs out sometime in 2014. So it's a nice free surprise and could be used as material to flip through if I'm at the airport or have a really long wait somewhere.

So in getting my April issue of Maxim I was surprised to see a comic book female in the mix. This follows one from the other month that had Eliza Dushku. So do you see the comic book/nerdy gap being bridged here? Maybe I have to fit in Maxim into the reading material between Mens Health and Los Angeles Magazine. They're appealing to my nerd side (all sides of me)

Best of all, it's April's issue. That's my birthday! So that's just a clear sign that they're trying to win me back. They're telling me that they wont be a complete waste of paper anymore. Yeah... or maybe not and they're just cashing in on whatever can be cashed in on Watchmen before it sinks off the top ten list.

Besides, these are all just tease level pictures. Some done more tastifully than others. Tease none the less. Then again if you just go out and watch Watchmen you'll see her doing the nasty on screen. Sure, you'll have to put up with a lot of large blue penis, but isn't it worth it to see this gal in a tight yellow outfit? That's what I thought. You're so totally going to see the large blue cock.

I'm pretty sure that nothing I wrote was read here and it was all just eye candy. Hey, I can't blame you. Have a good Friday, folks.

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