Monday, February 9, 2009

All We Are Saying, Is Give Green Peace A Beating

All We Are Saying, Is Give Green Peace A Beating

This sort of made my day Basically a green peace mascot went to make a token gesture to the Mayor of Moscow and came up against the same guys who genocided a good portion of Chechnya, naturally hilarity ensues

If you can't laugh at that then I don't know what you'll laugh at. I find myself conflicted, Russian suppression of civil rights is certainly disturbing, but on the other hand its Greenpeace... Yeah don't act a fool in Russia, police will not hesitate to beat your ass. If World's Wildest Police Videos has taught me anything.

Pussy greenpeace activist...anyone that has played Goldeneye has taken on dozens of these Klobb toting jerks...

Russian special police. Yeah he probably got the shit kicked out of him or at least had his mother insulted in the van. Afterward they probably shook him down for his spare cash. Oh Russia.

Pure comedy. Ahhhh

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