Monday, February 2, 2009

Take Me Out With A Bong Rip

Take Me Out With A Bong Rip

I saw drudge headlining this earlier and I don't get the anti-drug stance of conservatives. Is it because fun is immoral? But if you haven't heard about it yet.... OH NO! Micheal Phelps Smokes Dope!

THIS is the astonishing picture which could destroy the career of the greatest competitor in Olympic history.

In our exclusive photo Michael Phelps, who won a record EIGHT gold medals for swimming at the Beijing games last summer, draws from a bong.

The glass pipes are generally used to smoke cannabis.

God, that article makes him seem like a baby rapist. That is not Michael Phelps. That's every single white guy in a college dorm in the last 40 years. Who cares right? We'll apparently some people
Very dissappointing. The guy should be better than this. It's not about anything more than class, and now it's obvious he has none.


this is ridiculous. for many years michael was a role model for both myself and my children because of his determination and dedication. no he is getting wasted and doing drugs? what sort of role model does that? the behavior of michael is idiotic and foolish.
Phelps is a loser!!!!! Its too bad that weed is more important than his career, He needs to grow up!

yes his career is in shambles

Voice of reason, here: Michael, you need to get your act together. Stop drinking, drugs, and carousing. You want a fulfilling life, not a degrading one. You know what is right, so do it; do what is right and you will have adventures far better than you could imagine. Don't trust me, read it for yourself in the Bible, the New Testament.
Has there ever been a recorded case of a person proclaiming themselves "the voice of reason" and then saying anything at all worth listening to? It's pretty fun to watch idiots abruptly disown someone they previously idolized. For all of you who are saying that he should have to give those medals back, fuck of.

When did professional athletes start doing stupid shit that could jeopardize their careers if caught? Oh yes.. when professional sports first came about. The dude has lil wayne on his ipod playlist how is this a surprise? With a swimmers lung capacity i bet he do some sick ass bong rips. I guess that explains his 12,000 calorie diet.

For a kid who got a DUI at age 19, this isn't surprising. I like to dream that Phelps was ripped out of his mind before each race. I mean like he smoked an entire 8th and drank a 12 pack but he still just MURDERED everyone. If he was ever sober he would be faster than a damn torpedo.

Shiny Role model.. how did he ever fall?

If you kids start smokin the pot you're gonna end up like that poor Micheal Phelps boy. It would be a terrible shame to see everything he stands for go up in smoke.

Yes, yes. He's representing his country..... In swimming. Great. We're number one in self-propulsion in water. Fuck yes. USA numba 1 muthafuckas. It's really not all that impressive. National hero is a bit absurd.

I mean, sure, plenty of people probably think of him that way. There's also a lot of people that think of Dale Earnhardt that way, judging by the commemorative plates. But it's not something that really matters in the long run. Records will eventually be broken and the little kids in the mid-east are still going to get fat trying to imitate his daily food intake.

Can you tell where he's hiding his Bong at?

Americans have an unnatural and insane fear of marijuana this is new. I don't do any drugs but I can't figure out why the fuck everyone freaks out over marijuana yet cigarettes are cool?? Now if only he could do a line of coke off his gold medals. That'd be swell. I find it appalling that such an athlete who has trained so hard and accomplished so much uses such a small bong. Why isn't he wearing his medals. maybe he pawned them to fund his habit that dope fiend

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InsipidVitriol said...

You clearly missed the day in school where we learned that marijuana is the root of all evil. No, not the self-righteous morons proclaiming Bible verses as if they had any validity and weren't just metaphor; no, not the people whose lives are so empty that they need to build celebrities--who, as we both know, are no more or less than normal human beings who may have a skill or be hot or, like Paris Hilton, just whores--up to mythical proportions only to be disappointed when they show that, aw damn, they're just people.

Maybe they should just start idolizing Jesus. I mean, dude's dead, so he can't let you down!