Sunday, February 15, 2009

Kenneth Cole

Kenneth Cole

For anyone familiar with the designer Kenneth Cole, or have seen one of his advertisements, he tends to show certain things with a quote containing a contrived pun, ALL IN CAPS, attributed to him that somewhat relates to current events or drinking lattes or some such shit, like this one I got in my mailbox a few days ago

To those shut ins that haven't watched the news, he's not talking about some landing on their feet and others committing suicide by jumping off a bridge into the hudson river. However, I thought these two advertisements were in especially poor taste

He's going to do lots of business in the obnoxious douchebag market now that T-shirt Hell is closing down.

But that playa keep on playin'

You aint gotta front it, yo

Gobias industries was a wrong place to put much stock into..


So Chic it hurts.. them poor peasant

Sounds like my kind of shirt! A quick thinking one.

Laugh it up, you conformist!

So there you have it. The day after Valentines day, you're more than likely going to need a new shirt after tossing your old one out the window in a fit of passion. So how about you become a corporate sell out and buy some Kenneth Cole designs?

-Kenneth Cole

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