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30 Dates Of Nights: 3

30 Dates Of Nights: 3

The L.A. Times released this article about eight dates under $25 in Los Angeles. While I was a bit surprised that I had already done a couple from that list without knowing it was such a normal date thing to do, I wasn't happy that they would only offer up eight ideas. So I went ahead and I challenged myself to come up with a huge list of dates. Mostly outings that I've gone on or at least thought up.

As a quick note, I do think that dates work a lot better if you start with a theme and work the activities around that theme. This one is working around snacks and indulgent material with some time to talk and enjoy the company together.

You, Me and Brie Make Three!

Sometimes you need to be a little cheesy in your conquest in seeing if the two of you connect. First of, if they don't like cheese, dump them. Dump them now and run. Don't question me this makes perfect sense. If someone can't enjoy a good slice of cheese than they're a monster and deserve to die a lonely old shut in.

With that in mind make your way to your local cheese store. I'm tossing The Cheese store of Silverlake to you because it's a nice area (even with all the hipsters) and the selection of cheese is something that will make your mouth water, if whatever your date is wearing doesn't, this is a good thing.

There you can easily find and taste any number of cheeses, some bread with amazing dipping olive oil and other such meats to have a sandwich made. These are all treats for you and your date. May I suggest the truffle cheese. It was extremely good the last time I had it and have been wanting more since.

Remember to keep the cheese buying to a rule of three. Anything more than that and you'll start to lose the taste of the different cheeses. Let's you experiment on different taste. But let me warn you, when it comes to relationships, best to just stick with the rule of two. Words of wisdom

Once you're set with your cheese you should walk up the block with your date and enter Bar Keep. Don't worry about the cheese you just bought. It should stay good for the time it takes to window shop. The purpose of this place is to see what kind of drinker the person you're dating is without having to involve alcohol into the mix. Does a martini glass peak their interest or are they looking at the shot glasses and Miller high-life signs? This is purely for window shopping. But it will get you and your date into the mood to throw some sort of gathering or something of the such.

By this time you should have worked off the tasting of cheeses you had at the Cheese shop. Now you're going to want to find somewhere to sit with your date and enjoy the cheese you bought. Mix in some of the bread you bought and maybe a Cheese Store spreader and you have yourself the potential of solid time to talk and enjoy food. Now the question is where?

Hopefully your date brought some comfy shoes. As you two may need to walk to get from place to place. One option, and it's the nearest one, is to make your way to Silverlake's Silver lake... There's plenty of spots to enjoy the sight of the "lake" as well as enjoy the cheese together. It's still early on in y our dating scene, so getting to know them and what sort of cheese they like will let you know a lot about them.

The other option is to just go to Griffith Park. There's a endless amount of places to just set up shop with a blanket, something to drink, your bread and the cheese. But since Griffith Park is going to be showing up on these 30 dates of Nights segments, I'm just going to say Stick to Silverlake's reserve.

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