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Revisiting Some Christmas Time Nightmare

Revisiting Some Christmas Time Nightmare

I already attacked ONE Disney item, might as well go for a combo and pound on another while I have it in my system. We're almost to the end of the Celebrating of Holidays for 2009 and the big one is coming up. Christmas Day! Yes, that's right, we've moved past Halloween and stuffed ourselves over Thanksgiving leaving us with Christmas. Though dropping Thanksgiving from the whole picture you get Halloween and Christmas.

And if you're anything like me, you'll realize that those two are the really good ones. If not for anything else, than just for the fact that it's the perfect time to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas any time between Halloween and Christmas day. It's perfect because it's chronologically taking place between that time frame in the film as the opening happens on Halloween and the ending is where Jack finds out the true meaning of Christmas.

So perhaps it's time that you crack out that DVD, or if you're like me, that Blu ray disc and watch it. But whatever you do, do not go to your local record store and buy or even listen to this awful "revisit" to the NBC franchise that a couple of bands went and did. It's utterly awful in every possible way and if you don't believe me, let me explain;

Nightmare Before Christmas Revisited is a cover of the nightmare before Christmas soundtrack.. pretty simple enough, right? I guess the real question would be why would you want to do that? The soundtrack was good enough as it was. The answer.. Because there could be money to be made here.

I'm positive I tell this story every time I talk about NBC, but back when it was released in the early 90's, no one gave a shit about it. It was under Disney's Touchstone banner because, like Who Framed Roger Rabbit, it was deemed "too adult" in content. You would not see Disney make mention or make products for it. In Japan though, it was huge with promotional material, key chains, toys, etc. Then around the early 2000's, Hot topic started marketing the hell out of it and the Goth kids ate it up.

I really don't care for the fan base of the movie. As much as I love it, I just can't see any situation where I can wear my old Jack Skellington shirts around. It's really a shame. Thanks Hot Topic, you really ruined and over saturated a good thing. I mean that because if it hadn't caught on like that, maybe that crowd wouldn't have latched on so tightly to it? Maybe, just maybe this revisit would have never happened an we wouldn't have had these Hot Topic tailored bands singing and really giving these songs a bad name.

Oh, don't believe me? Take a listen to these songs that are on on this abortion of an album.

First up we have Marilyn Mansions rendition of This is Halloween;

Ugh! What the hell was that shit?

Jack's Lament by All American Rejects


Fucking seriously?

What's this by Flyleaf

I have no fucking idea who the hell flyleaf is. Maybe I'm just out of it and I don't know the latest music, but they have not made any impact on my listening of radio and music to even show up on my radar. Their use of this song.. well, it's really just awful all around.

The Polyphonic Spree - Town Meeting Song

Why would you do this? It just.. seems really odd. The band has this sort of silverlake vibe to it and it's not needed for this song.

Jack's Obsession by Sparklehorse

Fuck Sparklehorse and Fuck this. Really was a bastardization of the song. No need for all that extra sound to get any point across. Fuck this gay earth.

Korn performing Kindap the Sandy Claws

I don't even know where to start on this one. Really does make it so that those suburban kids can be all emo and what not. Oh poor you, you live in track homes..

I guess the banks are foreclosing on them now anyway, so maybe they do have something to be completely emotional about. The loss of their homes.

Rise Against performing Making Christmas

How is this not considered complete shit by anyone who was working on the album? Oh, because their taste was utterly shit. How is this even remotely close to the original in way?

Christmas eve montage RJD2

Hey, I know.. what if NBC was created back in the 70's and injected full of 'da funk'?

Poor Jack by Plain White T's

I'm not sure what that is suppose to be.. but I know it's not music. I'm not just reaching a "Get off my lawn" sort of mood. That music was really awful.

Here's two versions of Oogie Boogie's Song:

That one is done by Tiger Army.. Which can go suck a dick going from ass to mouth.

On the other hand....

Rodrigo y Gaberilla performing Oogie Boogie's Theme

Was something I enjoyed. It was close enough to the original without having to do so much over the top bullshit that the other songs so far have done. I enjoyed this one. Why? Because it was at least not

Shiny Toy Guns performing Finale/Reprise

Yeah.. that one can go fuck itself as well.

Sally's Song by Amy Lee

That one was alright because they didn't put too much into it other than what was originally there.

After my ears stop bleeding and I stop screaming on how much of a travesty this is, I come to the conclusion that I should just ignore this like I do any other thing that Hot Topic has spawned after the success of this commercialization of Nightmare Before Christmas.

So there you have it folks. A reminder that you could also be watching NBC right now before Christmas comes around and just forget this album ever existed. If you didn't know it did till this blog post, I'm terribly terribly sorry for putting that on you.

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