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2009 Dead Pool Results

2009 Dead Pool Results

At the end of 2008 I made a dead pool list of people who I thought would be.. um.. dead by the end of the year. It's a simple game, really. You pick ten people who you believe will not make it to next year and then you wait. If those people die then you simply subtract their age at death by 100 and that's how many points you get for them. It's really a morbid game when you think about it. But then again, the way that the media treats our Celebrity deaths, it's really the only way I know how to deal with it.

When you look past the sick rules and way you play this game, you can see that there's an incentive for not picking the very elderly. Th younger the person, the more points you're going to get for their shocking demise. When as picking people who are old and already have one foot in the grave will be will be good for a couple of points, but you're not going to get much for them. It's really a game of numbers.

Here's my list from last year;
Hugh Hefner
Roger Ebert,
BB King,
George Steinbrenner,
Amy Winehouse,
Mindy Mcredy,
Patrick Sawyze,
Ted Kennedy,

Larry king,
Barack Obama.
I went with the easy ones, as you can see by my point total;

Patrick Sawyze was 57 worth 43 points
Ted Kennedy was 77 and worth 23 points
My grand total for the year was 66 points.

To be perfectly honest, that's a lot better than how I did the year before. I suppose at this time we should take a look at those who have past. Most recently we have Brittany Murphy... who I have to admit I had a huge crush on her. Even more than so in Clueless than Alica Silverstone. I mean, she was the "nerd" of that group and let me tell you, nerds are hot. Then again, this all sounds like it's an illegal activity.. which necrophilia is in the state of California.

But seriously - Andy Dick, Amy Winehouse, and Abe Vigoda are still alive and yet Murphy is dead? Now that is a tragedy. I don't give a fuck about Michael Jackson. Let's talk about Murphy some more. Ever see the movie Ramen Girl? No? You should.

It really is an ironic masterpiece of film. The film premise is A white girl with no discernable skills or training whatsoever becomes a master of ramen maker. Ramen girl owns, it's like the next karate kid except about ramen and even more fucking orientalist.

Ok, not really. But still, you need to respect someone who took their career choice and moved it into that direction. That's a whole lot better than Michael Jackson. Fuck that douche. I'm not even going to give it much attention here because it's already received 4 million in media promotion. Most of all, I'm bitter that I had to work on that mess.

Most of all I'm still bitter that he wasn't on my dead pool list. That's almost 50 points I could have received for my dead pool list. That pissed me off to no end. Fuck you Michael Jackson. This just means I'm going to have to kick it up this year to another level and pick names that will actually have more kick to their step.So.. do you want in?

So here's your chance to get in on the TWENTY-TEN Celeb dead pool. Just post a comment or e-mail me your dead pool picks.. only limiting them to ten names per person or we get into some crazy math and keeping up those names is too much work. This should come in no later than January 5th or if a celebrity who is high profile enough dies before then, it doesn't count.

The people you choose have to be famous for more than just their death. So if someone is going to die soon and is in the news, they may not be allowed on the list if they don't have any claim to fame for any other reason. The winner will get $50 bucks and a special prize.

So go ahead and comment or put in your list of ten people and you're in. Besides, it'll be an easy way to do something truly evil and predict people's deaths. Boooyah.

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