Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy Pappy - The Gift That Keeps On Digging

Happy Pappy - The Gift That Keeps On Digging

There's less than a week before Christmas, do you still not have any idea on what you can get your girlfriend? Yeah, this is no good. Do you want to be sleeping on the sofa for the New Year? You have to think and think fast. But don't you worry, CBS has your back in this instance..

Nothing more thoughtful than picking and choosing a doctor for a pap smear and then putting it on their schedule. It does make you wonder how you're suppose to gift wrap that. Not to mention keeping the receipt. Just in case you have to get a second opinion or something. It can't be much worse than a fruit cake, right?

Even if you're not celebrating the fake birth of our lord and savior and are of the Jewish variety you can still get your last day of Hanukkah gift cause CBS also has you covered..

So this holiday season, why don't you get serious about Jesus and get serious about Pap smears....

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