Friday, December 25, 2009

One More Christmas Cheer...

One More Christmas Cheer...

So.. it wasn't a great Christmas. In fact, as I sit here after dealing with the (ir)responsible party involved in the destruction of my car and with a bag full of Tamales.. I can safely say that this Christmas was terrible. Part of me wishes that I had just left earlier to arrowhead. Then again, if I did and there was no car, then there might be a whole in the front of my place.... It's bad enough I still need to find a contractor to take care of it, I sure don't need a hole in the front of it.

So here's one final Christmas cheer more importantly just felt the need to post a picture of Batman during the Holidays. You know he is our savior.

Or was that Santa who died for our sins?

Either way, Tuesday's coming, did you bring your coat?

Times like this I feel like just picking up my Calvin and Hobbes issues and crawling into a warm bed...

Because, like what happened with my car, Christmas is never really what you want it to be.

And chances are that the whole holiday will go up in smoke and blow up in your face. Even if you can't picture it how it's suppose to happen, it will still find a way to just end up going up in flames.

Especially if you get shitty presents....

Like say, someone plowing into your car. I've pretty much resigned it to being common knowledge that the street block near me is cursed. Not only was my car destroyed there, but it was also the spot a dog mauled a stray cat that I fed daily and was really close to me. And to a final note, it was also where I was almost killed once by taggers who caused a situation... God damn. That place is hell on Earth..

It's Christmas, can't we get a little peace on earth and good cheer up in this bitch?

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