Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fox Vs Time Warner

Fox Vs Time Warner

Have you've ever watched a baseball game and hoped that BOTH teams lose? I get this feeling every time I see an Angels vs Yankees game. What can I say, I HATE the Yankees. They really are the worse team in the world. But even then, I have to deal with fucking asshole Angel fans a lot. So when I see that both teams are playing each other, I just hope that there's no winner and the stadium just blows up taking as many fans of both teams out with them.

This is how I'm feeling when I hear about the situation with Time Warner and Fox. As you may have noticed on the Television ads, if you have Time Warner Cable, it seems that Fox and Time Warner (a company owned by the same folks who own Warner Brothers, thus the WARNER) the two have been disputing over money and it has lead to the potential that come January 1st, you will not get any Fox stations on your Time Warner cable system.

In fact, fuck it. I'm not even going to host that ransom note image. I'm going to steal something from Time Warner's website. Ha ha, suck it Time Warner! (as I type this using a TW internet connection)

Pay Our Price or You'll Never See FOX Again

And Time Warner has sent this letter to it's users

Don’t Let Them Hold Your TV Hostage

At midnight New Year’s Eve, FOX has threatened to pull the plug on Time Warner Cable customers – withholding their programming unless we pay massive price increases.

We think they’re going too far – especially in today’s economy – and we’re glad you agree. Over 600,000 of you have gone to RollOverOrGetTough.com. And, the overwhelming response has been to ‘Get Tough.’ With your support, we’re standing up to the TV networks to hold down the cost of cable TV.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience and remind you to visit RollOverOrGetTough.com for the latest information on which channels may no longer be available as of January 1, 2010, as not all FOX programming is at risk in all areas. There you’ll also find a helpful guide to alternative sources for programming – so you can continue to watch many of your favorite shows.

Time Warner Cable is working hard to reach an agreement. We’ve offered FOX a reasonable price increase that protects our customers’ pocketbooks. But we are not giving in to excessive demands.

Don’t let them hold your TV hostage. Click here to visit RollOverOrGetTough.com now or call 1-877-267-1844 to learn more. Together, we can hold the line on TV prices.

Oh, we shouldn't let them hold us hostage? Unlike Time Warner, who in my area, is the only cable provider around unless you go satellite and thus are the only ones that could potentially hold me hostage. Yeah.. You can burn in hell Time Warner. Your service is beyond shitty. I got a call from them the other night telling me that my billing policy has changed. Why or how? I have no idea. But then again, I don't have ANY other land line options in East L.A.

Nope, AT&T cuts off the service about a quarter mile from me and because of their monopoly, Time Warner is the only game in town. I would love to get AT&T and take advantage of their Steve-O TiVo knock off. But I can't. So please don't play a pity party on me about Fox expecting you to pay more for the shows they provide you to show on the cable line.

I called my Time Warner customer support line and asked them about this and they told me that they didn't want to pass increased costs on to the customer that the channels were asking. I then asked them if they would lower my monthly rates if they did stop carrying the channels. It makes sense, doesn't it? If Fox is charging them a lot already and they no longer carry Fox, they should have the saved amount from it. After a long silence and some mumbling, they of course said that they couldn't lower my rate. So really, Time Warner, are you going to stick to that excuse cause it's obviously full of shit.

Hell, if anything, I suppose I should be on Fox's side. If they get more money then they'll gladly be pushing for more productions which means that I have more gigs to jump on to and line my pocket with. So when your Fox channel goes off at Midnight, at least you now know why..

Fuck off Time Warner.

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