Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What I Don't Want For Christmas: Blowing A Buck Shot In Bed

What I Don't Want For Christmas: Blowing A Buck Shot In Bed

I already mentioned that I didn't want a Freedom Tray (wink wink), but I have something new to add to the list of things I DON'T WANT (hint hint, nudge nudge) A bedside shot gun holder

I wonder how many times they can show the same gun being put into the rack over and over again. The quote of the ad comes at the end
"some customers choose to buy racks for both sides of the bed"
Ho ho! I know when I'm a 700 pound fat ass cause I ate too many Freedom Fries, I can reach BOTH sides of the bed and feel the need to shoot off the calves of anyone who is walking in front of my bed.

The whole Gun culture is pretty scary. It's only second to the Football culture.. which can be found at bars or buddies homes every Sunday through the winter season. Hey, let's combine the two and see what we get;

Yes.. this is why I don't care about football. I'm a Dodgers fan and even that isn't this insane. I'm sure they're a lot less murders in most baseball seasons than the accidental ones that result from this sort of gun culture. I suppose it's different in rural communities. This will be a story they tell at Christmas time for a long time after this. All through the community that day they shot a large tv will be the highlight of some of their lives..

So please, when Christmas comes around, don't get me the Bed Side Shot Gun holder. It's really not the type of firing I would like to do when I'm in bed.

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