Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Dog That Stole Thanksgiving

The Dog That Stole Thanksgiving

I came across this little news piece today and I just didn't know what to make of it. I mean, it's just so odd. Now that you're coming back to work and to your daily life from the Thanksgiving weekend, perhaps it's best that you look back at the terrors of dealing with bad flights, awkward family situations and dry turkey and be thankful yet again at the story you're about to read:

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The thing that makes me laugh the most about it is that someone got paid to write that. Someone had to come in on Thanksgiving and was told by their editor who also had to come in on Thanksgiving to write that. Then someone got paid to photoshop a golden retriever as the unabomber.

I'm not all that surprised. I worked in the news field before. You get called in on any day possible. Nights/weekends aren't free to you. But still, it is very funny. But the lack of work in this case is the most comical. I've worked editing jobs where you can get away with sitting around all day and then doing the work you need in 5 minutes and getting paid for a full day's work. It's like stealing candy from a baby.. or in this case, stealing turkey from a family.

I suppose some sympathy is needed here. The owner of the turkey is a seven and a half months pregnant, and says she and her husband spent their last $25 on the turkey. At least the couple was still able to have a thanksgiving turkey, provided to them by some generous neighbors.

When you break it down, Thanksgiving is a primitive animal sacrifice ritual symbolizing the subjugation and ethnic cleansing of the American native population and glorifying American waste and excess. A dog which defiles such an event, stealing the food of the white oppressor, is giving a symbolic lesson on the theft of food and resources committed by America upon their own people and the rest of the world. This not a bad dog.. this is the best dog.

Dogs in generally seem like they have a straight head when it comes to which side they lean towards. It seems that they are inherently leftist. Then again, unless this dog stole that turkey from the poor family to bring to his rich master, then he's just like any other tool of the bourgeois.

Once my dog ate my birthday cake. I didn't see that story make it on Fox news... Clearly they aren't fair or balanced after all!

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