Sunday, December 13, 2009



Over thanksgiving I posted a bunch of PSA's. Some funnier (in a morbid way) than others. Then I suppose in the search for the Meth one I came across the Montana Meth project. I suppose with all that free open space, it's ripe for meth labs and since Breaking Bad doesn't come back till March, maybe this series of clips can fill that Meth entertainment need for the next few months. It's my way of saying Merry Christmas.

Then we come to the ultimate in "Daaaaaaaamn". The one where you sell out your girlfriend for some Meth cash.

So the next time in the few weeks before Xmas that you see a homeless kid with that Meth look in their eye asking for change, maybe you'll give them the pocket change you have and not risk getting stabbed and beaten for a quick hit.

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