Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Final Countdown

The Final Countdown

Well, here it is. It's time for the final countdown of the decade...

Good fucking riddence. The 00's, or as I described it in the decade in review post, The Naughts. You see, Webster gives the following definitions for Naught: 1."nothing"; 2. "the arithmetical symbol 0"; and 3. "insignificant." As an example, Webster offers "his efforts had gone for naught."

I doubt many will dispute this fact that this decade is insignificant and this decade has gone for naught. But then again, this isn't the first decade that has sucked and it wont be the last. For me, at least, the last decade that sucked as bad in my three decade experience was the 80's. You may disagree with me, but then you'd be wrong. You see there's only a certain amount of people who thought the 80's didn't suck:

-wall street tycoons
-shoulder pad manufacturers
-CIA cocaine importers

Anybody with the slightest bit of responsibility or a shred of social conscience thought they were the beginning of the end.

The 1980's was basically like the 2000's in every way except worse. The only comfort I can take from that shit of a decade where the rich gleefully pissed on the poor, was that I was born at the start of it, so I don't remember a good half of it due to my earliest memories not really sticking till about age 5-6.

I thankfully don't have half of that decade stuck in my mind. No memory of the gap between the rich and poor and other measures of inequality climbing. SDI and other cold war bullshit, funding death squads in the third world. The support we gave to Saddam, etc. Ah, good times.. good times.

And who could forget the union busting and the war on labor, tax cuts for the rich.. again, deregulation - which lead us to where we are economically today, The war on drugs... ha.. yeah... , the mentality that "greed is good," more millionaires and yuppies getting wealthier while the bottom 3/4 of American families continued to get the shaft harder and harder.

There is literally nothing positive to say about Reagan or the 80's in the US, other than that he might have made some white people feel good about America again after Vietnam and stagflation and the malaise of the 70's

But hey, at least the 80's gave us some great television shows that were... sadly bastardized in the naughts by turning them into feature length movies. I mean, Miami Vice? Really? Music in the 80's was pretty snazzy. I still rock to the flash back lunch/weekends that Kroq never does, but sadly Star 98.7 does.. What did the naughts (oo's) give us? They gave us Linkin Park.

Fuck this decade.

This should have taken you twelve minutes to read, thus I just pushed you over to the new year. Happy TWENTY-TEN

P.S. Please say it exactly likethat because then we'll seem like we're in the futuristic lame sci-fi Friday movie

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