Sunday, December 27, 2009

Bringing A Gun To a Snow Ball Fight

Bringing A Gun To a Snow Ball Fight

Winter is all about one thing.. fun with snow. HA! Yeah, I forgot, most of you folks reading this are in Southern California and while we're only about 40 minutes drive from snow, who in their right mind goes directly towards it during winter? No one. That's right.. But I have news for you.. I'M IN SNOW!! How the fuck did I end up here in Lake Arrowhead during the winter? I don't ski and my total lack of abilities to drive in the snow should mean that I would very well be dead.

This is just a bad cop....

I mean, even though this seems to be the first time I actually throw a real snowball that I remember, I have to say it's not worth drawing your weapon for. Maybe if one snowman was attacking another snowman with their blood, that would be a different story..

But it's not the case at all. That cop must really have some pressing issues to have to carry a gun into a snowball fight, let alone pull it on anyone. Poor baby must have had some war flash backs. But in all reality, getting hit with a snow ball really does hurt. It's like getting hit with an ice cube tray. Okay, not THAT had, but still relatively hard enough.

But still, this is really a first for me to go up to snow for Christmas... immediately post christmas festivities and I'm pretty excited about it. Not to mention pretty damn nervous about it.. But still, I'll be having a blast. Here's hoping that you're not still stuck in some line at Wal*Mart returning that generic gift you received. I'll toss a snowball for you.

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