Sunday, December 6, 2009

Too Hot For Showtime: Dexxxxxxxxxter

Too Hot For Showtime: Dexxxxxxxxxter

It's pretty simple. Dexter is a show about a serial killer. He's played by Michael C. Hall and I suppose this is a stretch for him to deal with dead people. I mean, talk about acting stretches. It's been going on for a couple of seasons now. Season 2 and 3 weren't as great as season 1. That much is a fact. This last season has really been great.

John Lithgow has come in as the Trinity Killer, someone who shows Dexter that they are a bit similar and that he could learn a lot about daily life through their unknown serial killer similarities. It has reached some intense points but it seems that tonight's episode will continue that and may give us some resolution... maybe.

I know one thing for sure though, there's one thing that wont give you blue balls.. Porn! Wait, no. You're not actually having sex, so porn actually gives you nothing but blue balls. Apparently there's a Dexter porn parody titled "Dexxxter" (Yeah, you may not want to open that link at work)

And a little blurb about it;
Join sex crime investigator, Dexxxter Whoregan (Nikki Rhodes) as she investigates some of Miami’s sexiest and raunchiest cases. Adult stars Lexi Belle, McKenzie Sweets, Kya Tropic, Lynx and more perform in some steamy scenes in this parody on the Showtime hit, Dexter. Fans of the original show will appreciate the attention to detail, and hardcore porn lovers will surely get off on this hot feature!
Along with "Dexxxter Whoregan" there is also a "Sergeant Strokes". I've seen just the intro, and they recreate the Dexter intro pretty well. But then again, I'm not sure that qualifies it for a good porn award. Besides, I heard it's a real let down. Isn't that a shame. All that pumping up and no push behind it.

Here's the prologue;
"Hi, my name is Dexxxter. Dexxxter Whoregan. The extra X's are for sex. I don't know what made me what I am, but whatever it was, it left a very horny place inside me."
But this isn't a new thing. Porn parodies have been around since the dawn of.. porn. It's a way to get you in the door. But then again, Nikki Rhodes should be enough for that, am I right, boys? Does anyone know if there is one for Battlestar Galactica?

I guess this one has one advantage over the show - It doesn't feature John Lithgow's naked ass. Which was terrifying the couple of times it was on Showtime. Thanks again, Showtime.. ugh.

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