Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Time Means More Muppets!

Christmas Time Means More Muppets!

When it comes to Christmas you should really figure out that the best thing you can possibly watch is The Muppets Christmas Carol. It was probably the peak of the Muppet era. I mean, have you've even seen the other Muppet Christmas themed movies/films? I'm a huge muppets fan and even I don't like to think about them. But here's something that the Muppets have done lately that I do care about.. A Queen cover!

But that brings to attention the Muppets in general. Maybe it's because of the over load of muppets that I watched growing up, How could you not love the political imprinting it caused on the youth. Oh the voice of good ol' Hippie Jim.

But then again, there was the dark times. Like the time John Denver crossed the line in the Muppets world.
LONDON- Popular singer/songwriter John Denver’s career is in serious jeopardy following his arrest Sunday in connection with alleged sexual relations with a female Muppet.

Denver, who as in London to tape a guest-host appearance on The Muppet Show, was arrested after an anonymous tip led authorities to his hotel suite at the Sheraton Park Lane, where, according to a police spokesman, he was caught engaging in "an act of illicit congress" with Janice, a Muppet guitarist with the band Dr. Teeth & The Electric Mayhem.

Jim Henson, creator of The Muppet Show, said he is "deeply saddened by the news, if it is true," but urged the public not to rush to judge Denver. Henson did not say whether next week’s show would be canceled, postponed or retaped with a new guest host.

Speaking to reporters from his jail cell, Denver said, "I have no comment other than that I am innocent of any wrongdoing."

Denver, whose hits include "Rocky Mountain High" and "Sunshine on My Shoulders," will be arraigned Friday. His trial could begin as soon as October.

Janice was not arrested in the incident and is reportedly in seclusion.

Dr. Teeth, the leader of the Muppet band and a close friend of Janice’s, said Janice was feeling "a little down in the skin but basically groovy-woovy."

Teeth also said he is confident that any sexual act which may have occurred between Janice and Denver would have been 100 percent consensual. "Gotta cut out the fuzz, slack," he said. "The man and the Muppet have had the love bug since Miles Davis was Yards Davis, you dig?"

Another band member, identified only as the drummer, responded angrily to news of Denver’s arrest, flailing wildly and screaming incoherently while throwing furniture, props and this week’s guest host, Carol Burnett, around the Muppet Theater.

Ah, comedy! But let's be honest here. If that Why Can't We Be Friends didn't seal it, what about this next little Prop-protestin lobster youtube clip.

Now that's just great. I feel... like they're speaking my language. Then again, I mean that literally. Ah, to hear my culture's plight be told in the form of Lobster Muppets. Now that's something that makes me smile.

And while this next one ISN'T a Muppets thing, it still belongs here as it's a soft and cuddly moment and... well, maybe this sort of thing is something the Jim Henson should work on as it would make a great Muppet story... Besides that, it's pretty heavy on the Christmas side.

For some reason I just assumed that the dog suffered a spinal cord injury from being stomped on by the elephant. I mean, spinal cord injuries don't just happen....

Ah, the Holiday spirit!

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Ryan Roe said...

Have you ever seen A Muppet Family Christmas? That's one of the best Muppet things ever.